I am a child of the 60's! My love of music started with Motown and Classic Rock.  Then I saw all of the different genres of music come and go. Everything from Disco to Funk to Heavy Metal to Country, and all types in between.  Along the way,  I became the guy who always put the  music first.  I didn't think it could be called a party unless we had some tunes playing.  That love of all things musical turned into playing songs at a friend's wedding, and then I realized that I wanted to try this DJ/MC thing.  After many different setups and learning SO much along the way, I feel that I have it mastered now.  I love to have someone contact me about helping to get their celebration to the next level.  I still love all kinds of music, and that helps me in this job. Too many people limit their musical tastes to one style.  Not me! Variety is the spice of life!